Self Care, Spirituality

Energy Clearing

In many philosophies and complementary therapy there exists a belief in the concept of energy within the body that travels through pathways in the body. From acupuncture to reflexology energy is seen to be carried along channels , meridians and chakras, connecting our body parts, hearts and minds into one whole being, rather than in… Read More Energy Clearing


Spiritual Birth

Understanding spirituality in midwifery and birth is something that can illuminate our experiences as women and birth professionals. Spiritual birth is not just about candle-lit homebirths with chanting; it is recognising the spiritual in each and every individual. Seeing the meaning in the transformative experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. In this acknowledgement we cannot… Read More Spiritual Birth


Being a conscious midwife

Continuing professional development is important in our work with women as doulas, midwives and birth professionals. We expand our knowledge but also challenge our perceptions too, to explore new ways of being and working. A few years ago I studied with Kara Maria Ananda on her Conscious Birth Emissary online learning course. It helped me… Read More Being a conscious midwife