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Energy Clearing

In many philosophies and complementary therapy there exists a belief in the concept of energy within the body that travels through pathways in the body. From acupuncture to reflexology energy is seen to be carried along channels , meridians and chakras, connecting our body parts, hearts and minds into one whole being, rather than in modern medicine which views the body as separate parts of a ‘machine’.

This ‘life force’ or vital energy is central to health and wellness, and can be affected by many things. From the food we eat, to the people we encounter, situations and experiences, social media and television. Recognising the potential impact on our self and our energy is a step we can take on our spiritual path, enabling us to discern positive or negative influences in our lives. Feeling uncomfortable around certain people or situations is an example of noticing the energy being received. We can then decide if this is something we wish to continue or let go.

Sometimes we have no choice about the energy that we encounter. Our daily lives are often full of negative influences and experiences – work colleagues, arguments, the news etc. In this situation we can practice simple energy clearing to reset and recharge.


A simple energy clearing practice

  • Close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths to centre yourself
  • Place the palms of your hands facing your body
  • Visualise a white light above your head or a bright luminescent waterfall
  • See the waterfall coming down over your head, clearing away the negativity of the day or the conversation/experience that you have encountered
  • Breathe deeply through these moments
  • Feel that the waterfall or light is washing away, clearing down through your head, your neck, your spine, passing out of your body. Cleansing you completely.
  • This may only be a minute or a few minutes, whatever feels right
  • It can be done discreetly in your car before you go into the house at the end of the day or you can take yourself off to the toilet at work and just take a moment to breathe and practice this
  • When you feel ready, thank the universe/God/Goddess/Higher Self for this moment of clearing and renewal

In pregnancy women can place their hands on their belly, focussing on their baby, and visualise the waterfall cleansing both them and their baby of any negative energy encountered during the day.

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