Self Care, Spirituality

Energy Clearing

In many philosophies and complementary therapy there exists a belief in the concept of energy within the body that travels through pathways in the body. From acupuncture to reflexology energy is seen to be carried along channels , meridians and chakras, connecting our body parts, hearts and minds into one whole being, rather than in… Read More Energy Clearing

Self Care

Keeping a journal

I have written a journal on and off for several years. It probably started when I as a student midwife, and as part of our learning we would write reflections on our experiences, exploring how we felt, what we had learned and where we would go next. This is very much part of what I… Read More Keeping a journal

Self Care

Becoming a vegan

Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to make the transition to veganism. My good friend Danielle had just launched her vegan food van, and I had previously taken the 30 day vegan challenge some years ago, but apart from staying with soya milk I had fell off the wagon completely. Consumption of two… Read More Becoming a vegan

Self Care

Small habits to wellness

Journal entries… 12th January 2017 “Still feeling exhausted. Aching knees and ankles. Still finding my balance, thinking about the future and how to look after the family while looking after my mind and spirit. At the moment on days off I am feeling so tired that I don;t really achieve anything. On my work days… Read More Small habits to wellness

Self Care

My Morning Routine

Well, I did it. I managed to get up and actually do some yoga, and some meditation too. For seven days straight. My morning routine, which I seem to have slipped back into fairly easily,  is as follows… 5.50 – Alarm goes off – I have tweeting birds, which is not such a rude awakening.… Read More My Morning Routine