Our Mission

We want to share knowledge and skills around the art, science & spiritual nature of birth and the childbearing continuum by creating online learning, resources and workshop/retreat spaces for those working in the childbearing year.

We hope to inspire others to understand and work with the physiology, uniqueness and spirituality of pregnancy and birth, whether at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned midwife.

We believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal healthy process for the majority of women and that we have a responsibility to promote and optimise physiological birth for the long term benefits of mothers, babies and society. However we also recognise that birth occurs within a spectrum of possibilities, and that through individualised care a positive experience is crucial to a healthy postpartum period.

We often use the term ‘woman’ however we aim to be inclusive of all persons experiencing the childbearing continuum.

The Principles of Artemis Birth School

Integrated Approach to Health

An evidence and relationship based approach that the recognises the interplay of mind, body and spirit, incorporating all modes of healing alongside preventative strategies and health promotion.


We support evidence based practice, including the use of empirical evidence alongside scientific research.


We believe we have a duty to support informed choices respecting individual beliefs, values and circumstances. This includes not only informed consent but respecting the right to informed refusal, and in that, individual responsibility for the self.


We acknowledge that the confidence and ability to birth and breastfeed can be significantly affected by the confidence and knowledge of care givers before, during and after the birth.

Self Development

We believe that self-development is integral to creating a sustainable path through birth work.

The Artemis Principles